Soccer and choir

Sarah and John are playing soccer again this fall. This is John's 3rd or 4th season. It's Sarah's first. She is super excited!! Unfortunately their first game was cancelled due to a flooded field. But here's some pictures of the first practice. I'll post pics of the first game next week. Just pray it doesn't get rained out again this weekend. :-)

Another exciting event was the kick-off for our children's choir program. This is Sarah's first year to participate and since she really wanted to do it, we convinced John to give it a try as well. The kick-off for the year was held at our church park and included hay rides, games and a quick trip in a hot air balloon!! Thankfully, John's decided that he likes choir (even though he doesn't get to go up in a hot air balloon every time!). So Mommy gets a little bit of time on Sunday evening to plan for the upcoming week.

This is John w/ his friends Emily (with the straight hair) and Caroline (with the curly hair). John has know the girls since they were in the nursery together but just recently they (particularly John & Caroline) have really hit it off and seem to migrate toward each other whenever they're in the same place. Chris is quietly trying to do some matchmaking, I think. :-) Of course, Sarah has her little "boyfriends" as well. One at school and one at church and soccer.

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