A few of my favorite things

Through the years I've come across some pretty awesome websites and companies.  In my humble opinion, these are some of the best places to look for curriculum, guidance, wisdom, and encouragement.  I'd love to hear from you what your favorite places on the web are!

Classical Conversations - we are sold on CC for our girls.  I can see us staying with the program all the way through high school.

Sonlight - we didn't love their curriculum; however, I LOVE their book lists.

Reading Eggs - my tech savvy, lazy youngest daughter is FINALLY learning to read thanks to this program.  Well worth the investment.  And they usually run a multi-week trial so you can test drive it first.

Donna Young - tons of resources and printables, anything from worksheets to gradebooks

Homeschool.com - anything and everything you can think of about homeschooling

Amazon - you'd be amazed at how much curriculum you can find available on Amazon.  Especially if you're looking for readers or textbooks that don't need to be in brand new condition.

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