Summer has begun. . .

To make up for my previously long-winded post,
here are some random "summer has arrived" pictures. Enjoy!
Wiiiiiii boxing

hmmmmmmmm. . .

This is what Bethany thinks of the slip-and-slide.

But she loves the blow-up pool!

We call him "SURVIVORMAN"

Training the puppies


  1. Awesome Pics!! You all look wonderful!! Don't you just love the Wii?? My kids still love it (me too!) Love the one of John in his aviators driving the boat! The girls are getting so big...they are both adorable and you and Chris look fabulous, darling! LOL

  2. I love being able to check in on you & the family! Love you bunches!!

  3. Thanks for bringing a little bit of "home" to my evening. Miss you! Ginger