hmmm. . .

I was just rereading my previous post and realized that it sounds like we're desperately in search of a handout and freebies from anywhere at this point. I didn't mean it that way. In total honesty, I was completely prepared to pull my kids out of their various schools and "circle the wagons" so to speak by doing everything we possibly could at home. But clearly, that is not what the Lord has in mind for us. All of the amazing things we've had happen to us in the past several days have happened with no action on our part. The only thing we did was make it known what our situation was and ask for prayer. I think that's what makes it so amazing and so clearly a God thing to me. Every single thing, from the John & Bethany's school to the women's retreat to the food stuff was brought to us. And I know that so many people are praying for us. I often visit the Beth Moore - Living Proof Live blog. She posted a request for anyone who is struggling to post their need and their name and location so she could pray. Another reader from that site came across my post and sent me a "prayer" in my email. Someone I have never interacted with before.

God has really been showing off to us lately. I pray that we continue to be still and just know that He is in charge and He wants to bless us.
Thank you for your love and prayers. You are loved.


  1. God has been showing Himself off to me and my family recently too. I have had to learn to be gracious and humble on the receiving end of things too... hard to do sometimes... But I know what a blessing it is to me when I can help someone else... so I just keep remembering that their "giving" is a blessing to them as much as it is to me.


  2. Our God is an AWESOME God!! Praising Him with you today, Tina. *HUGS*