What I've learned this week

* When Bethany runs a fever, she doesn't act the way most people do. Rather than become sleepy or lethargic, she becomes almost frantic. She runs around like a crazy person and jabbers nonstop.

* When we jump ahead of God on things, we end up stressing and worrying about things that we don't need to worry about. I guess that's not really a new lesson, but it was a good reminder. I got the news on Friday that Sarah's school doesn't have any scholarship money or anything to to help us so we could continue to send her there. And I realize that the tuition really wasn't all that much, but when you have an income of $600/ a month. . . I had been praying about it and had said over and over that I would deal with whatever the Lord provided on it. If He wanted for her to continue there, then He would provide that tuition. Otherwise, we would pull her out and keep her at home. But on Friday when I found out we were going to be pulling her out, I wasn't nearly as calm. I cried and prayed. I kept thinking, "how am I going to tell that sweet girl that we can't send her to school anymore because we can't pay for it. She'll be so disappointed! It's so unfair!" So after a good long shower, Chris said, "I think the way to approach this is to tell her that she going to get to home school after next week." Okay, makes sense. And being the doer that I am, I zipped to the computer and started putting together a unit to work on so we can start right away. Of course, I still felt sick about having to tell her. Finally, last night, I said, "Sarah, guess what. Daddy and I decided that you're only going to go to Oakland for one more week. After next week on Thursday, we're going to let you stay home and do all your school with me. " Her reaction? a whoop followed by a hug. Although I'm not totally convinced that she completely understands what's about to happen, I felt a huge relief. And frankly, felt a little foolish to have worried all day about something that God clearly had under control. Do we ever learn?

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  1. What an awesome testament that your children absolutely LOVE to be with you! You rock, Momma!