So humbled

We got an email today from the director of Sarah's school. Apparently someone called her on Friday and wants to anonymously pay Sarah's tuition for the remainder of the school year. Big sighs. Big tears. That someone would think so much of Chris and I and of our children. I am so humbled. Thank you God for providing this for Sarah. And thank you, "anonymous" for allowing God's love to shine through you.

Okay, humbled even more just now. Sarah was showing me her "book about feelings" she made at school today. She told her teachers she is "happy when I go to Awanas, mad when Bethany pulls my hair, and sad when I have to do homeschool". I looked at her and she said, "But Mom, I am sad about not seeing my friends any more." God knew my princess's heart and answered the prayer in it. I have no more words. . .


  1. You have some mightly fine people in your neck of the woods. But like I said, if God is on our side, who in the world can be against us? Love you!!

  2. Awwwww! You are SO blessed, Tina! Love you!!