Easter and Spring Break

Spring has sprung!! The trees and flowers are blooming in all their polleny glory. My nose can testify to that!
We had a quiet Easter. Bethany wasn't feeling well, so we opted to stay home from church and rest up for our get together with the Kirk family. There we enjoyed a fun Easter egg hunt in Mom and Dad's beautiful front yard and a yummy supper. The kids all had Spring Break the following week, so we packed up and headed to Hamilton Branch State Park about 3 hours away. It's a beautiful, quiet park on the SC side of Augusta, GA. Our campsite was at the top of a small hill with the lake right down from us. The location was perfect. The kids could go down to the water's edge to fish and explore without us having to be right on top of them. This was our first independent family camping trip and Bethany's first camping trip period. We had a fantastic time. Chris did a great job keeping us fed. The children got along amazingly well with virtually no complaints of boredom. We enjoyed stargazing and smores, fishing and hiking and just plain hanging out together. I must say, though, that my appreciation of my own parents increases the longer I have children of my own. I miss the fun of camping without the hassle of packing and setting up and tearing down.
At any rate, enjoy the pictures in the slide show. I included Easter pictures as well as pictures from our trip.