No more babies here

Bethany turned three today. Photobucket
How does time go by so quickly? I feel like she just arrived and now she's 3!


We celebrated yesterday afternoon at Fewell Park, a wonderfully hidden little park that has lots of trees and a fabulous covered pavilion type area. And it's never crowded. Both sets of grandparents, two cousins, two aunts, two uncles and some precious friends joined us there to play and chow on Mickey Mouse cake and ice cream.

Photobucket Photobucket

Chris & I took the kids back to Bethany's "park where I had my birthday" for a picnic today.


We knew before Bethany was born that she was going to be a stinker. She is so much her own little person it's amazing. And I have not come across a more seriously funny 3 year old. And she can be as mean as a hornet one second and sweet as pie the next. We joke that the sweetness is a survival mechanism; if she weren't so sweet, we'd kill her. One of her favorite things right now is to tell everyone who she loves "today." And it all depends on who is in her favor. If you've upset her or disciplined her, she doesn't love you today. Although, she did tell Chris the other evening that she "loved him too much."

Some other "Bethany-ism's":
Mommy, I need to talk to you about sumpthin'.
What's the big idea?
I did it all by "meself" (she's secretly Gaelic)
You a good mommy.
She was embarrassed at her birthday party because "everybody was looking at me with their eyes."

Oooh, I just love that little doodlebug. Happy birthday, baby.


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  1. Love it. It is coming all too quick for us as well. We're too young to have such old kids. :) LOL