Out of the mouths of babes. . .

A few humorous stories from late:

Sarah was being "helpful" the other afternoon and digging through my pocketbook to find something for me. From the backseat of the car I hear, "Mom! What is this? It is gigantic!" She was holding up a maxi pad.

Bethany told me, after enjoying a birthday celebration for her cousin that "When it's your birthday, mom, I gonna make you a cake. And it going to have marshmallows and pickles and purple sprinkles. And it'll be perfect!"

Another Bethany: her favorite "mean" word is "stupid." If she doesn't like something you've done, it and you are "stupid". After one long evening of her yelling at her siblings, Sarah finally came into the living room and told on her. Chris & I had just had a discussion about how we needed to be stricter with her, so I dutifully called her in to me and leaned down to her taking her cute little face in my hands, explained that we don't say that word because it makes people sad. We don't want to make people sad and we don't want to hurt people's feelings. So it's not okay for Bethany to call people "stupid." And "if you call anyone else stupid, you're going to have to get hot sauce on your tongue. Do you understand?" Her response, "okay, stupid." I can see Chris out of the corner of my eye on the verge of losing it, so I say, "Bethany, we do not use that word." I pick her up and tote her into the kitchen where I put a drop of hot sauce on her tongue. Of course, by now she's in complete dramatic hysteria mode. During this, Chris is talking with his mom on the phone. He relates the whole story then tells me, "Momma said that John is probably really upset because Bethany's so upset." John, who happened to walk into the room at that exact moment goes, "No I'm not. She called me a loser too!"

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  1. Thanks for the giggles!! Kids are so precious. Love you!