Flying through life

Over the past several weeks, we have been going so hard and so fast that it's hard to breathe.  Between scouts, family, church, my job, financial concerns and illnesses, I've become more than a little overwhelmed.  But the night often is lit with stars, and through the downs I've been reminded of the blessings ~ random, anonymous acts of kindness done for us, the helping hands of family, smiles and thank yous from friends for things that are simple for me but huge for them, watching my favorite Christmas programs with Bethany for the "first time", "wow, look!" from my girls as we drive through a neighborhood decked out for the holidays, "love yous" and hugs from preschoolers who know that Mrs. Tina loves them unconditionally, belly laughs with a certain prank playing 8 year old, a house filled with giggles of little girls celebrating a birthday with games and nail polish . . .to me these all feel like the whisper of my Heavenly Father reminding me that He is with me and He is holding me tightly in His hand.

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