Spring, I think?

I say that because it's March 2nd and there is snow outside.  SNOW!  IN SOUTH CAROLINA! AGAIN!
Yeah, I could do without it.  And the kids aren't all that interested either.  Bethany wanted to touch a snowball this evening, but dispatched her sister outside to get it.  "Too cold," she said.
Chris pointed out to me today that I hadn't posted anything in awhile.  And, "the page is too girly.  You need to make it more manly."  So, I'm posting and changed the background.  Happy, honey?
As for an update on us . . . nothing new or exciting to tell about Chris & me, so I'll update about the kids.  :-)
John: The biggest thing in his life lately is that he earned his Bear badge in Cub Scouts.  We're still stumbling along with school work.  His favorite is still history.  We've most recently discussed Hammurabi's Code and will be reading a modified version of The Epic of Gilgamesh tomorrow.
Sarah is doing wonderfully with Girl Scouts.  She sold almost 150 boxes of cookies, participated in two booth sales, earned several petals (Daisy badges) and took part in her first Thinking Day.  She is also doing wonderfully on her "schoolwork".  One of her primary tasks is working through an online program.  She's thrilled to share with everyone that in the reading part, she's working in 1st grade.  She's also about to finish her handbook for the year in Awanas, which means she has memorized 35 verses of scripture as the names of all the books of the New Testament.
And then there's Bethany.  One never knows what to expect from Bethany.  She's smart as a whip, sneaky as a fox and absolutely hysterical.  Her go-to answer when you ask her to do something is "I can't know how," or to stare off into space as if she can't hear you.  When she wants something, it's "pretty please with a cherry on top," a big grin and batting of the eyes.  And tonight she told me she pay me "a million bucks" if I'd get her some ice cream.
As much as I'd love to say that everything is running smoothly and peachy keen, some days are really hard.  Not much of our lives looks the way I envisioned it to be.  But I learned a long time ago that my plans and ways are not necessarily God's plans and ways.  As much as we have struggled through this past year, though, I am so grateful for the way our family has been strengthened.  God is good, all the time.
Until next time (which hopefully won't be so long),


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  1. I like the new look!! :> Chris should be pleased.

    Heather Heuman