St. Patty's Day

One of Sarah's most cherished memories of preschool is when a "leprechaun" came into their classroom while they were on the playground and made a mess.  As we got closer to St. Patrick's Day, she talked more and more about "remember when" and "I wonder if".  So, while we were at church, a "leprechaun" apparently came into our house.  He went into the girls' bedroom and took all their shoes out of their shoe box in their closet.  He then painstakingly lined them all up, heel to toe, and made a trail from their bedroom closet to the bathtub in the bathroom next door.  He also hung Goofy upside down from the door of the armoire, knocked over the Princess vanity and empty the toy cash register.
The kids often spend Wednesday nights at their grandparents, and last night was no exception.  I got home and discovered the shoes, I called Sarah at grandma's.
"Um, Sarah, we have a problem.  Did you drag out all your shoes and line them up in the hallway?"
"No, Bethany must have done that."
"I'm pretty sure it wasn't Bethany.  They're all lined up like a train going into the bathroom."
"Mom, I think the Leprechaun was there."
Chris picked her up on his way home from the store and the look on her face was priceless.  She said she was "a little freaked out".  No, really "freaked out".   "The leprechaun really did come."
He took her back up to gramma's after we solemnly promised not to touch or move anything until John & Bethany could see it.
Gramma texted Chris at 11 that night to tell him that she was STILL talking about the leprechaun and how next year she would hide behind the door to catch him.
Kids are so fun!