Changing of seasons

It's cold!  No, it's hot!  No, it's cold!  That pretty much sums up our weekend.
This weekend marked the annual York County Cubscout Goldrush Campout.  Every year hordes of cub scouts and their families descend on a park and spend the weekend doing all those things that cub scout families do.  :-)  Typically, it's a lot of fun.  There's lots of fellowship and yummy food.  And the kids enjoy an afternoon of festival type games.  Because of some scheduling conflicts, we ended up doing the Goldrush a little later in the year than normal.  During the day, it was fine.  It even got a little too warm for typical seasonal longsleeves and pants.  But nighttime . . . oh my.  Our whole family camped on Friday night.  We stayed fairly warm bundled in sleeping bags and extra blankets.  But Saturday night, the smoke from all the campfires coupled with the cold air set my asthma off.  And Sarah started a coughing fit that she couldn't shake.  So when 10 pm rolled around and the temp had already dropped to 34*, I decided that it was time for the girls and I to head home.  Thankfully, our camp area was only 10 minutes from home. I hated having to give up.  It made me feel like I'd failed or something, but come this morning when I still felt like I had been hit by a truck, I was glad that I hadn't braved it out.

Another possible change we're facing is within our family.  Chris has a promising job interview tomorrow morning.  The concern is that it's for a job in Columbia, SC.   Chris commuted to Columbia (about 1hour 15 min each way) for many years and is not really relishing the idea of doing it again.  For the kids and I, it would mean figuring out scheduling issues.  Since Chris has been home, he's taken on a lot of the childcare and implementation of schooling.  If Chris is commuting to Columbia, he'll be gone from 6:30a-6:30 p daily.  Although Chris's parents are nearby and Chris's mom is often home, the kids need more stability than that.  So, please pray for guidance as we try to determine what that will all look like.  I've done my job at the church so long now, that it almost feels like it's a big part of who I am.  It would be hard to cut that out.  But we feel very strongly that God is calling us to school the kids at home.  And we can't really do that if neither of us is home, can we?  Reminds of something I heard the other night.  The band "The Advice" sang a song that basically said that life isn't a straight shot down the interstate.  It's full of on ramps and off ramps and winding dirt roads. 

See at the next rest stop!