Piercing pals

Years ago when I had my ears pierced, the girl who did it made a mistake.  She marked both ears and then promptly put one of the holes at a freckle rather than the mark she made.  Being the non-girly-girl that I am, I really didn't care.  But I eventually quit wearing earrings altogether in my 20's.  Fast forward to my own very girly-girls that God has blessed me with.  Sarah and her daddy decided that she was ready to have her ears pierced.  Then Daddy suggested that Mommy should have her ears pierced again as well.  So, today, after much planning and discussion, we went and had our ears pierced.  We even got matching earrings!!  Now the big question is: What will I get pierced when Bethany's ready????

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  1. ahhh that is the sweetest picture! She is just BEAMING!! Love it!