Celebration of kids

This past weekend was all about the kids - even more so than normal.  *wink* 
On Friday night, we attended a fantastic, and memorable, performance of "Under God's Sea in 3D" by our church children's choir.  In a true testament to the fabulousness of our Children's Choir director, my normally reticent, fade into the background children had volunteered for center stage roles. 

Sarah had a solo, along with her bff (and twin).

 And she danced around as a fish.

John, along with his cousin and a friend, acted out the story of Jonah.

They both had such a wonderful time.  And John commented that if he had know how fun it would be, he would have done choir earlier!

The remainder of the weekend, we participated in John's last Spring campout and raingutter regatta with our Cub Scout pack.  Sarah and some of the members of her Girl Scout troop joined us.  The kids had a great time and wrapped things up with an always popular foam slide.

Finally, Sunday evening, we had our Awana Awards Celebration.  All the kids did a great job showing off for their families.

Bethany and her Cubbie friends singing "Praise Him"

Sarah and her Sparky friends singing "The Gospel Song" (always makes me tear up!)

John and his "too cool" T&T buddies.

I have to say that I was so proud of all the kids.  I feel like so many of them are "mine" because I've worked with them and know them since they were little. 

At the same time, I couldn't help but be super proud of my own awesome kidlets.  I'm pretty proud to be their momma.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That looks like it was a BLAST!!! It would be nice if our area had things like that!