New York City!  Get a rope!  (Remember that old Pace commercial?)

Anywho, guess who's going to NYC?  John and me!  We are going to be part of a mission team headed to Queens to help coordinate and lead a VBS for a small neighborhood church.  I had been praying and wondering about the possibility of participating in a mission trip, but nothing seemed appropriate.  The idea of going somewhere to build something seemed a big ludicrous to me.  Wouldn't it be better for me to raise money to pay someone that already lives there to do that kind of work.  I guarrantee he or she would be much more qualified than me.  The other common project typically has to do with loving on orphans.  Well, I do love kids, but it seems cruel to go and pour love on a child and then leave never to return.  Sigh.
So, imagine my excitement when our friend Jim told me that he was leading a team to assist a church with their neighborhood VBS.  VBS?  That's right up my alley.  And assist means that people are already in place to continue the relationships.  And Jim and Carin will be moving there soon and will be associated with this church.  And for an added bonus, John could go too.  Where do we sign?
Now that we've committed, though, the nerves start.  We have a fairly significant amount of money to raise.  And a lot of details to work out.  But, one way or another, John and I are headed to NY in July.  Would you pray with us?  That all the details would work out smoothly, that the funds would be provided, that many families would be impacted, and that all would be to God's glory?

And if you feel led to give financially, I'm glad to give you the information.  If done a specific way, the gift will even be tax deductible!!

Excited to see God work!