Halloween week wrap-up

Whenever a special day falls during the week, the whole week seems to revolve around that day, doesn't it?  Even though many other things occurred this week, all that stands out is Halloween.

That and my multiple stumbles while tutoring on Tuesday with a perspective new family and the area Classical Conversations support manager sitting in my classroom.  But really, is it that important to know ALL 5 of the absolute monarchs?  Does it really matter that I forgot Phillip II of Spain?  

On Thursday, since I figured that I wasn't going to get much focus out of my crew with all the pre-trick or treat excitement, we decided to learn about the history of the "holiday".  I was thrilled to discover that Amazon has a series from the History channel titled "History of the Holidays" that encompasses not only Halloween, but Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter too, I think.  And the entire series was only $13 and it's streaming so we downloaded and watched.  The cool thing about the Halloween episode was that it didn't focus just on Halloween, but on the date itself, so the kids heard more about Reformation Day.  And since we memorized a history sentence about the Reformation just a few weeks ago, the reinforcement made this a double win.

Of course, we did the traditional Trick or Treating.  It's not my favorite, but the kids enjoy it.  And for the last two years we've gotten together with our "other" family so the kids could go together.  (This is our "other family" because all three of my crew have bff's within their crew and the girls all used to look a lot alike.  The younger girls still get mistaken for each other.  And often at church, people get confused over who belongs to which family,)

(Mine are the pink princess, the martial artist and the sassy dancer in orange)

Today, we're taking a home economics day.  That means no school and lots of cleaning.  Mostly because Daddy said the house was out of control and we needed to do something about it.  And if he says we need to take a break from school to do something, it must be really bad!

How was your week?