#weeklywrapup - the what happened to fall edition

I don't know about where you are, but here in South Carolina we seem to have only managed a few weeks of fall before winter hit.  Some parts of town even saw snow on Thursday.  Snow this early is unheard of.  And it bodes for a long, cold winter.  Not my favorite, but the kids are thrilled.

This week was pretty normal.  We had a light day Monday because I had some errands to run in the morning and the kids all had dentist appointments in the afternoon.

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.  It's CC day and we love our little CC community.  I also have the blessing of tutoring the sweetest little class of 3rd-5th grade.  The biggest proud moment was when the four of them reordered all of the timeline cards we've memorized in the past 10 weeks.  That's 70 different cards.  They were extremely proud of themselves.

Wednesday was business as usual, but we had a wonderfully encouraging moment.  Chris was hired as a sales associate with a local farm delivery service.  It's a wonderful company, and we are all excited about the possibilities it holds.

Thursday and today were mental health / home economics days.  I started a new medication on Thursday that is supposed to help with my constant headaches.  Unfortunately, for the first day or so, they've mostly made me dizzy and haven't done much for the headache.  On the plus side, the kids' bedrooms are much cleaner. :-)

This weekend will be friends and fun for the kids.  All three have their besties (who all happen to be siblings) coming over to spend tomorrow afternoon and evening.

How was your week?  

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