What is your identity?

I've been rather quiet lately.  In part because of the holidays and because of some health yuckiness.  But also because I've been struggling some to determine what I wanted the identity of this blog to be.  See, I read many other bloggers.  And everyone seems to really be focused in on, or good at, something.  It could be schooling or homemaking or parenting.  But it's usually a clear focus.  And that's my problem.

 Because I'm what you could call a jack of all trades but master of none.  I know enough about a whole lot of things but not a lot about enough things to be considered extremely knowledgeable or to feel I should be giving advice.  Yet I still felt drawn to continue this blog.  To continue with my ramblings and rantings and whatnot.  The question remained how.

Then two things happened last week that encouraged me greatly.  The first came in the form of another blogger.  Kasey over at Walking Redeemed wrote a post about how to write so that people will read what you're writing.  One of the things that really stuck was the phrase "write what you live and live what you write".  Hmmm.

While that thought was tumbling and bouncing around in my brain, I had the blessing of attending a women helping women training event at our church co-hosted by our women's ministry and FCA and led by Ellen Dykas from Harvest USA.  The event was wonderful, and I learned a ton, but the relevant point here came when Ellen said that we tend to look at our identity from the direction of the adjective and then the noun.  In my case, I would say that I am a homeschooling, homemaking, anxious, student ministry advocating Christian.  But what we should do is reverse that and look at things from the noun first and then the adjective.  So it would look like this:

I am a child of God who struggles with anxiety and depression and routine, teaches my children from home, believes strongly in the power and importance of student ministry, and sometimes reads a book that I can't wait to share.

So with that perspective, and the perspective of writing what I live, it only makes sense that this blog become just that.  Not a homeschool blog or a parenting blog or a student min blog, but a blog written by a child of God who loves and does all those things.  That is something I think I can get behind!  Because that is where I live.

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