Miss Bethany

Okay, I'm such a nitwit that I can never remember the address of my other web page much less remember the information to get into it. And since my beautiful friend Kim has a page here, I thought maybe she could help me remember about this one. I think the best way to kick this off is with a catch-up on each one of the kids. I mean, be honest, no one is really wondering how Chris and I are doing. :-)

So I think I'll start with the youngest and work my way up.

Bethany Grace is our 15 month old blue eyed wild child. She's no bigger than a mite - weighed a whopping 18.11lbs at her 15 month check-up last week, but she will flat run you over if you get in her way.

Bethany's favorite words are Sarah, mine and uh-oh (which generally means "I threw something and you have to pick it up.") She's incredibly independent and only fears loud noises and weird looking people. (I think that's why she shies away from Dad and Rick :-0) Seriously, though, she disappeared from me twice in Sears the other day (Sarah says "escaped"). Before Bethy came, I thought we were doing pretty good with this parent thing; we at least had the preschool years under control. But Bethany just bulldozes her way through life; I feel like it's all I can do to keep up!

Bethany & Sarah attend a church-run preschool/ mother's morning out program. Bethany goes 2 mornings a week. This is her with one of her teachers. All of the teachers and half of the parents know Miss Bethany. She pretty much acts like she owns the place, roaming in and out of the various classrooms.

A few weeks ago the school family went on a field trip to a nearby Apple Orchard. Bethany spent the entire time chasing the chickens and roosters. She was amazed.

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  1. i feel a connection with Bethy, since i too am "the baby". There's a distinct charm, and yet a definite mischief, about us little babies, LOL... my mom would tell you to watch that one especially closely, but you are probably finding that out for yourself already, haha! Mom still has to keep an eye on me, LOL. Bethy is a cutie-pie.