Princess Sarah

What are some words to describe Sarah Elizabeth? Smart, funny, loves life, bossy, spoiled, mothering, cheezy, loving, considerate and slightly OCD.

Sarah will be four in just over a month. I'm really not sure how that happened? She is not a baby, just ask her. She goes to school 3x a week and expects her teachers to give her homework just like her brother gets. She decided that she cannot be called anything other than her given name, so her teacher has taken to calling her "Just Sarah." Sarah is quick to tell us when she thinks she's being mistreated or left out. And honestly, that's a good quality for a middle child. I never worry about her getting accidentally overlooked as sometimes can happen. She simply will not allow that.

Sarah has a best friend named Chloey. Chloey is this tiny cute little thing. They became best friends last year because they both walk so slowly. Chloey is slow because her little legs just won't go any faster. Sarah is slow because she must touch and examine every single thing she comes across. These two are inseparable at school.

This is the snake that Sarah stepped on in our driveway. Now, most little girls (and a lot of big girls) would screech and scream and freak out. Not Sarah. She yelled, then immediately came inside and told Daddy that she had stepped on a snake and he needed to come kill it. LOL

Sarah is meticulous about her appearance, brushing and styling her own hair, choosing her own clothes and shoes, and changing those at least once every day. My wonderful siblings and parents think it's hysterical that she's such a girlie girl and I am so not. But God uses everything to draw us closer to Him. And trust me, I've prayed a bunch about this little firecracker.

Let me share a quick story that gives a glimpse into her personality. At school they had been learning about the story of the little boy who gave Jesus the little lunch that he had and Jesus fed thousands with it. They had talked about sharing what they had with others. So one Wednesday night as we got ready to leave for church, Sarah tore into her bedroom in search of a particular baby doll. She knew exactly which one she was looking for. When she found it, she told me that God had given her that doll to play with but now it was time for her to give it to someone else. It simply wasn't hers anymore. She said she wanted to take it to church for her classroom there. I told her that that was super sweet and that I was really proud of her for wanting to share her things and that God was very proud of her too. Then I pointed out that the baby doll was naked. She looked me right in the eye and said, "I don't want to give my clothes." That's my Sarah.

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  1. Sarah has spunk! This blog made me LOL - especially the part about the naked doll, haha! Sounds just like something Summer would have said. Quincey had told me about the snake part when he read your blog (long before i read it, shame on me) - he liked that part :)