Late winter 2008

Wow!! Here it is the end of March, and I've managed to do absolutely no updating. Can you believe that Spring has finally sprung! Or at least that's what the calender says. Here in South Carolina we've had a lovely variety of weather over the last few months. Thankfully, though, it seems the cold weather is finally heading away and we'll be able to spend more time playing outside.

Happy Belated Easter to everyone! This year all three kiddos had egg hunts at their schools. Unfortunately they were all on the same day at the same time so I was only able to be there for the girls. And since this was Bethany's first egg hunt, I thought I should get some pictures.

Needless to say, she got the hang of things pretty quickly and came away with quite a haul.
A few days later on Easter Sunday we did another egg hunt at our house w/ cousins, Alex and AJ. We hid more than 110 eggs. Well, Daddy and Uncle CW did anyway. I think they found them all. At least they were plastic not hard-boiled.

As to individual kidlets, John has had the most going on lately. Firstly we pulled him out of public school and enrolled him in a home-school academy that focuses on a "classical" curriculum. In first grade this means a lot of focus on phonics and memorization. He attends classes 2 days a week with a fabulous teacher and 7 classmates. Then the other three days we school at home using Mrs. Jackson's lesson plans. I LOVE it and he is absolutely thriving. His reading and writing skills have improved dramatically and his self-confidence has gone through the roof. I'm so grateful that God led us to this school. It has been a perfect fit for our family.

The other big thing in John's life lately has been Boy Scouts. With Daddy as his den leader, John has had a fantastic time. In just the past few months, he has earned his Tiger badge . . .

flown in an airplane for the first time. . .

(this is our house)

And come in second place overall in his pack for the Pinewood Derby.
As for our two beautiful girls,
Sweet Sarah has discovered an affinity for puzzles. She has such an amazing focus.

And Bethany remains her silly, funny, lovable, so stinking cute self.

Love to all!


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  1. Thank you for allowing me to watch your beautiful children grow up. I'm so grateful to have you all in my life. So so so happy John is doing so well. God has been prepping you for a long time for this role. He is so awesome, eh? You keep up the fantastic work, Momma! Always here for you, your very old Sister in Christ! -K-