Our newest family members.

Since we apparently enjoy insanity and thrive in chaos, we decided that we needed to add two puppies to our brood. Meet Bluebelle (in the pink) and Roscoe (in the green).

Belle and Roscoe are 7 week old Blue Heelers, or Australian Cattle Dogs. They are absolutely adorable and incredibly playful. John, especially, just adores being with them. The girls love them too, but think they're a little bit rowdy. If you ask Bethany about the doggies she says, "Doggies home bite." As for Sarah, I think she'd be okay if they would stop trying to steal her flip-flops.

Our two older dogs, Jake and Katie, are adjusting. Katie is playing the ever loving momma, nuzzling at them and watching over them. Jake watches over them too, but in a much more authoritative way. I forgot how big his teeth are when he growls.

Unfortunately, it would seem that they aren't the brightest of dogs. Or maybe they're just too curious. Belle managed to get her head stuck in a peanut butter jar, not once but twice. The bigger dogs love pb, so we often give them the nearly empty jars. I wasn't thinking and gave Katie one a few days ago. Well, on Tuesday, Belle discovered the jar and managed to stick her head completely inside of it. It took about an hour of greasing and cutting to finally get the the thing off. You would think she'd learned her lesson, but that would be too easy. The next day she discovered another jar that the kids and I had missed hidden under the deck. And, once again, she got stuck. This time I got a picture of her before we got her out.