School days, school days. . .

Well, everyone has officially started school now. John is in his second year at Lakepointe Academy. Sarah started 4k at a nearby church school. And Bethany is in the 2's Parent's Morning Out class at our home church. I am so pleased with all of their teachers. On the way home today, though, John and Sarah were discussing the next several years all the way to high school. Boy am I not ready for that!!
Here's some first day of school pics:


  1. Tina, Make it stop! Our kids can't get any older. You have such a beautiful family!!

  2. Yes, when you are talking with your child and she says, "I only have to take the bus for the first month, Mom; because then I will have my license and can drive"...THEN you two can start to panic! LOL

    The 1st day of school pictures are awesome!!! They are SO cute!