Sarah's 5th birthday

I was thinking about posting a blog about Sarah's 5th birthday and trying to decide what to write but couldn't come up with anything that I hadn't said already. And then I came across a link to this song by Martina McBride. I've heard this song many times and everytime I think of Sarah. This really describes how I feel about her.

Here's a link to the youtube performance:

And here are the lyrics:
In my daughter's eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I want to be
In my daughter's eyes
In my daughter's eyes
Everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light
And the world is at peace
This miracle God gave to me
Gives me strength when I'm weak
I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes
And when she wraps her hand around my finger
Oh it puts a smile in my heart
Everything becomes a little clearer
I realize what life is all about
It's hangin' on when your heart
Is had enough
It's givin' more when you feel like givin' up
I've seen the light
It's in my daughter's eyes
In my daughter's eyes
I can see the future
A reflection of who I am
And what we'll be
And though she'll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I'm gone I hope you'll see
How happy she made me
For I'll be there
In my daughter's eyes


  1. She is so beautiful. Hard to believe the princess is five... where did that time go? That song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Little girls are so precious.

  2. I love that song too! Aren't our little girls wonderful?