Catching up

Here it is almost Easter and I've not posted in awhile. Truth is that there isn't too much to say. Life continues to march on. God has been good and He's provided for our needs in a variety of ways. I did laugh the other day at Chris though, who said, "Somehow, we've managed to not get behind on things yet." Sorry, hon. It's got nothing to do with us. God is keeping it together somehow. We are so thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers, though. My friend, Kimberly, shared this verse from the New Living Translation with me a few weeks ago: "I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!" Isaiah 65:24

The kids are all doing well. Sarah had her pictures made at school with a cap and gown on. I can't believe she's ready for "real school". John's finishing up his year at Lakepointe. We only have about a month left (thank you!!). Next year we're going to do full school at home to which John is slowly coming around. Bethany is Bethany. Her favorite pasttime these days is watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" I've very thankful for DVR.

Here are the girls' school pictures. I imagine we'll take some this weekend too, if I ever decide what everyone's wearing to church on Easter Sunday!

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  1. You've become such a huge inspiration in my life. Watching the Lord work in you & through you has been awesome. Thank you for sharing your faith with so many. Your rewards will be great! I love ya! *HUGS*