Easter egg hunt madness

I've been grumbling all day in my head about how much I dislike Easter egg hunts when it occurred to me. I don't dislike egg hunts. In truth I love the idea. We do one every year w/ my nephews and it's always a lot of fun. The egg hunts I don't like are the ones that involve small children and their large parents. *eye roll*. Why do parents feel the need to stand right on top of their child to point out that really large egg right in front of them? Why can't they just let the children go and trust that they'll figure out how to pick up that plastic egg and put it in their bag without mom/dad standing in the middle of everything pointing and pushing?
Maybe it's because my children aren't really fond of mass chaos? Probably because I'm not terribly fond of it myself. It's just that whenever we've participated in these types of things, it becomes a free-for-all. You'd think that the parents were terrified that their precious little Billy wouldn't be able to get his allotment of 12 eggs if mom didn't race over there and scoop them up for herself.
All this is a vent after Bethany's PMO Easter program this morning. The program itself and the subsequent snack table were lovely (even if my daughter didn't sing and the wind was frigid outside.) The courtyard at church was incredibly festive with all the brightly colored eggs "hidden" in plain sight in the green grass. And Michelle, the director, did her best to point out that all the children would come away with the same number of eggs and all the children had been told all about what to do. Of course, by the time we get out to the courtyard for the egg hunt, the horde had managed to scoop up the majority of the eggs. And poor Bethany hardly got to pick up any for fear of being trampled by some random parent. Ugh!!
This is not at all meant to criticize our Parent's Morning Out program or teachers or directors. (I hope you all know how much I love you ladies!) It's a universal issue that causes me to get hives whenever I think of participating in large activities with lots of other children and their parents.
I really think it goes back to the idea that so many parents are so afraid that their child will be left out or miss something that they jump in there and get it for them rather than allowing them to get it for themselves. The result is a group of self-serving, grabby, "mine" kids.
Okay, down off my soapbox before I get a nose bleed.

Here are some pics from today. The kids were so cute singing their songs. Or I should say attempting to sing them. Nothing like listening to "Jesus Loves Me" in 4 different speeds.


  1. Okay, today's hunt went much better. I like this group of parents more! :-)

  2. *Giggles* AMEN SISTER!!

    I'd love to have you all out here for our private hunt. A whole acre full of eggs & they can take all day to look for them if they want!!!

    Love you!