We spent the afternoon at the park yesterday and I came to a realization. Just as Bethany is old enough to play on the equipment without me right on top of her, John has gotten too old to really enjoy the concept of just playing on the equipment. The repetition isn't all that appealing to him anymore.
Ahhh. . . the constant flux that is motherhood.

Things are zooming right along. We're moving along at such a quick pace that I half expect to hear a police siren snap on behind me. This coming week is Spring Break. I'm looking forward to a breather from the running around. We're planning to go camping for a few days if the weather cooperates. As soon as we get back, though, we have to hit the ground running. The next 4 weeks is filled with a lot of things at church, wrapping up school for all three kids, preparing for homeschooling for next year and my baby brother's wedding. I'm excited about all these things, but the thought of getting through them all makes me feel tired already!

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