You know you're a military brat if. . .

My friend (oldest friend I have and we met her Junior year of high school ) posted a similar list on her blog.  In honor of Memorial Day and Flag Day and Army Birthday (6/14 for you civilians), welcome to my life. . .

You know you're a Military Brat if you...

  • All your former very best friends are as long gone as your last move.
  • Always wish you were back at the last place you were stationed even 20 years later.
  • Answer the question "where are you from" with "I'm kinda from all over the place"
    (My dad just questioned my "hometown" on Facebook for that reason)
  • Are able to imitate others speech patterns easily
    (people sometimes think I'm making fun of them)
  • Are amazed at people who have lived somewhere more than three years.
    Still can't believe I've lived in Rock Hill for 18 years.
  • Are amazed at people who have never left their hometown.
  • Are amazed at people who have never seen foreign currency.
  • Are amazed at people who think Frankfurt is a some kind of hotdog.
    This can't really be true. . .
  • Are asked is it hard always moving around when you don't know anything else.
  • Are brought to tears by military music.
  • Can call up actual memories of a country while you're in Geography class.
  • Can talk to anyone and everyone from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Do not understand why many of your friends are afraid to be in an airplane.
    I just had that thought yesterday . . .
  • Don't feel quite right seeing military personnel younger than you.
  • Don't really know how to answer the question "what is your hometown."
  • Don't remember the names of your childhood friends.
    most of them
  • Every room you've ever had was stark white and you couldn't put nail holes in the walls
    you mean it doesn't have to be?
  • Everyone complains about your name being the most scratched out in their address book.
    you're not supposed to write addresses in an address book in pen!
  • Feared turning 21 because they would take your id card away.
  • Feel more at home on a military base than in town even though you've been a civilian for 26 years
  • Felt like a part of history that was happening around you.
  • Find that you can easily amuse yourself for hours at airports, train or bus stations.
  • Graduated from a high school you only attended for a year.
    2 years, but who's counting
  • Had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in a mess hall.
    No, but with lots of "big brothers" who were too far from home
  • Have been asked just where in NY is APO.
  • Have forgotten how to speak more languages than most people ever learn.
    Do dialects count?
  • Have USAA as your insurance company.
  • Know exactly how horrible AFN commercials are.
  • Knew the rank and name of the kid next door's father before meeting the kid next door.
  • Know the words and tune to military march songs.
  • Left school frequently for bomb scares.
  • Listened to Armed Forces and VOA radio for the 1st 10 years of your life.
  • Most of your Scout camping equipment had US instead of BSA stamped on it.
    I didn't know that you could buy glow sticks until I had been married several years.
  • Munched on hot brotchen and gummies on the way to school.
    No, but I remember the bakery truck in Augsburg
  • give someone a break because they are in the military.
    Everybody should
  • Never quite finished decorating your place because you knew you'd be moving soon.
  • Notice Tom Cruise in uniform, outside with no hat and having a non-regulation haircut in Top Gun.
  • Stand up for the National Anthem at the start of a movie in a theater.
    Shame they don't do that anymore.
  • Thought all pens had "US Government" printed on them.
  • Thought vacations meant going to visit the grandparents.
  • Went into hysterics when your grandparents thought of selling their house.
  • You went on week-long field trips to England, France and Italy.
  • You'd been to every Gasthaus in Germany before you were 18.
  • Your ssn, home of record, state of residence, and place of birth are far from matching.
  • Know PCS meant pack your toys and say see ya later.
  • have been hit on at the young age of 13 by men in uniform
  • tell everyone you are from a town that you haven't lived in since you were 4 years old.
  • woke up to F-4's zooming overhead. 
  • the oldest friend you have is from your senior year of high school.
    freshman year but we only just reconnected via Facebook - Chris is in touch with people he knew in elementary school!  
  • you make things up about where you are from avoid the headaches of telling the whole long story.