The apparently summer is over edition

And I'm pretty sure we missed it. Last summer I was so bummed because we did not have the means or ability to take any kind of vacation. This year nothing has changed in that front. Though Chris is working full time, it's not close to covering the bills. So a trip was a resounding no this year again. However, we have been so crazily busy that it's not been until recently that the conversations began taking place in our home. Things like, "momma, summer is almost over. Aren't we going to go to the beach? As much as I'd love to say "SURE!". The truth is that we got another no from a job prospect, I cut my hours drastically, and Chris and I have both had surgery in the past month, so those bills are going to be rolling in. Unfortunately, the idea of a vacation is not to be had. I'm so grateful, though that we were given the gift of a vacation last year so at least that memory is not too far from our minds.
Now it's time to face the dreaded schedules again. All three kids will be playing soccer this season. John is headed into his last year as a cub scout. Sarah is starting Brownies and Bethany is starting Daisies. And choir and Awana and, oh yeah, school. We delayed our start of school to give me time to recover from my surgery. Hopefully we'll kick things off on Tuesday.
So. There you have it. We also celebrated some wonderful birthdays. Bethany turned 5 in July and John turned 10 in august. We took tons of pictures, of course, and I'll get them on here as soon as my laptop starts cooperating again.
Until then .....