ABC's of me

An old friend posted this on her blog.  I love these types of things.  Yeah, I'm a dork.

A: Age - 36, but my son says I'm older than the oldest jokes.

B: Bed - king size with a pillow top.  Love having a huge bed!!

C: Chore you hate - ALL OF THEM!  Especially emptying the dishwasher and hanging up clothes (don't ask me why)

D: Dog's name- Jake & Boomer

E: Essential start your day item- shower

F: Favorite color-  hunter green & burgundy, and yellow and sky blue and lavender and pink....

G: Gold, silver or platinum- used to be gold but for the past few years, I've favored silver

H: Height - 5'7"

I: Instruments you play - none

J: Job title - paid ~ Administrative Assistant for Children's Ministry; unpaid ~ lead teacher of Hillcrest Academy Homeschool

K: kids- 3 ~ 10 year old boy, 8 & 5 year old girls

L: living arrangements- small 3 bedroom house

M: mom's name- Gloria

N: nicknames- T, TT, Bear, George, Tia, Teen, Jellybean

O: overnight hospital stay other than birth- births of all three children and hysterectomy

P: pet peeve - manipulation

Q: quote from a movie - "I'm your huckleberry."

R: right or left handed- right

S: siblings- one biological brother and one biological sister; a sister-in-law and brother-in-law that I consider siblings, and a few amazing friends that are my heart sisters.

T: time you wake up- at least 30 minutes after my alarm went off.  LOL

U: underwear - hanes

V: vegetable you dislike - onion, pepper

W: ways you run late -  lose track of time, have to wait on my children, have to wait on my husband, misjudge the amount of time it takes to get somewhere, get lost

X: x-rays you've had - my teeth, my arm, my finger, my butt (cracked tailbone)

Y: yummy food you make - brownies, oreo truffles, cake

Z: zoo favorite - BEARS!  hand's down.  I am depressed if I don't see them and I'm convinced that they know me.  ;-)