Friday wrap up

Today my unsocialized homeschool kids hung out with other unsocialized homeschool kids.

I kid about the unsocialized part.  Because the group of kids in this picture are some of the most social, well-adjusted kids I've ever known, and I used to teach public school.
Here's what's so cool about the way homeschool kids socialize, though.  They socialize with people that are different than them.  Different ages, different interests, different backgrounds.  
Today's get-together was "book report day" and nearly every kid in that picture, from the youngest to the oldest, stood in front of the entire group and gave a review of a book.  We had picture books and classics and everything in between.  And after each presentation everyone in the room applauded.  When everyone was finished, the craziest thing happened.  The kids continued to socialize.  With each other and the adults and everyone had a great time.  Nothing quite like watching 30+ kids ranging in age from 5 to 15 playing hide and seek together.  Amazing.  Beautiful.