Learning on the move

Today was field trip day.  Wahoo!!  We love field trips.  This time we went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  It turns out that we just learned about the Renaissance in our Classical Conversations history, so the timing could not have been more perfect.

Now, I'd love to say that my kids learned everything there is to know about the time period today, but that's not quite the way these things work.  As educational value goes, we learned a lot about torture and punishment during the times by exploring their "dungeon."  That pretty much covers the total educational content.

In my opinion, though, field trip days have a far more important result.  Time together.  Time together focused on one another and on a mutual topic.  Shared experiences.  Memories.  

We were surrounded by kids from school groups, and it made me sad to know that the parents of those kids were missing out on that special experience.  I'm so grateful God called me to a different path.

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  1. We missed you by a day! We will be headed down that way to the festival tomorrow! We spent the day learning a little of the background of the Ren. Festival... last time we went, we mosied around but never realized how much was going on around us... I'm bringing an agenda tomorrow and hopefully we will get more out of it then last time... if we don't get rained out that is... :) thanks for posting about your thoughts on it!