Why do you homeschool?

It seemed like an easy question.  It was certainly a question I had gotten many times before.  What threw me off this time was that the question came from a complete stranger whose lifestyle is completely different from mine and was obviously looking for a short and sweet answer.
So, in a moment of wisdom and clarity (HA!) I blurted out, "Because I want my kids to be with their momma."  Yeah, no overbearing, helicopter parenting here.  *facepalm*

I'm that person who always comes up with the right answer 15 minutes after the conversation has passed.  What I meant was, "I enjoy being with my kids and think that I'm able to be a better teacher to them someone who doesn't really know them and has to deal with them and 25 other kids at the same time."  

But the answer is so much bigger than that too.  I homeschool because I really love being with my kids.  Because I think a parents' first and biggest responsibility is to raise their children and that includes education.  Because I believe that the public school system has watered down their expectations to the lowest common denominator and allowed the government to dictate to what my child should and should not be exposed.  Because socialization does not mean playground bullying or elementary school flirting, but knowing how to respectfully interact with people of all ages and social economic statuses.   

And I'm sure I'll think of 20 more reasons in the next fifteen minutes.  But how do you neatly and succinctly say all that?    Any suggestions?