Gratituesday - my husband

I saw this idea on another blog (shout-out to Heavenly Homemakers!) and I thought it was perfect for what had been running through my mind.  I had just been thinking about how grateful I am for my husband.  I know that sounds cliched, but it's way more than what you can imagine.  I'm grateful for the regular things: the fact that he puts up with me and tickles Bethany every night and encourages Sarah and makes John feel needed and important and that he has the most infectious laugh.

 But there's another part of our story that I was thinking about.

Chris was laid off 6 years ago when the housing market crashed.  He worked for a company that did external home improvement, and not a whole lot of people were in the market for that, so....

For 2+  years he stayed home, working odd jobs and tirelessly searching for a job in any way he could.  With no success.  Then our church offered him a position with their buildings and grounds (read janitor).  The idea was that he would be there for a short time until he could find something in his field.  That was more than 3 years ago.

This guy who used to manage warehouses with more than 50 employees and $3 million budget is scrubbing toilets.  For a pittance.  It's hard physical work.  And he has fibromyalgia.  He hurts constantly, but yet he gets up every day and goes to work.

And more than that, he's trying every way he can think of to earn money.  He's working as a sales person for a local home delivery service going door to door trying to get customers.  He helps a friend with his business on the weekend for referral fees.  He collects discarded scrap metal and turns it in for scrap metal.  And he still searches every day for a job in his field, sending out resumes and making phone calls.

And it's hard.

Neither one of us can understand why God has chosen to have us walk this path right now.  It's a hard path to walk down and some days are harder than others for both of us.  But I am so proud of him.  And so thankful for all he does to ensure our family is provided for.

I want to know what you're thankful for today....


  1. It sounds like you are one lucky one. You have an awesome hubby Congrats