God's mysterious ways

Last week I fretted and prayed over a job offer here in the church. It would have been an additional part-time administration job to go along with my current part-time job. After much debate and prayer, I decided to decline the offer. It just didn't feel right. Chris wasn't as confident as I was about it, but I felt really strongly that it was not the direction God wanted me to go in.

Just now I found out that a lady here at church was offered the position. It seems that she was just laid off from her teaching job as a computer teacher and heard through "the grapevine" about the opening and made a call on the "off chance" it was still available. Apparently, Bill had chatted w/ her before and hired her almost on the spot. It seems like it will be a perfect fit. I ran into her just now and she said, "Isn't God's timing perfect? I get laid off just as this job came open." I was humbled, and grateful, that I heeded God's whisper and now she can be blessed as well.

On a side note, Chris has been doing some side work with a friend of our family. It's a lot of physical labor, but it's good and I'm grateful for the opportunity for him.

Love to all!



  1. Hey Sweetie! Wow...that is a great testimony on listening to those whispers we don't always hear or want to hear. Love you!